rusty trailor in blasting shed

blasting shed

The core of any shot blasting process is the blast room. Confining the blasting operation to a controlled, clean environment enables effective abrasive recycling. Recycling blast abrasives saves money and protects the environment.

Our blast room consists of a large suitably lit work area with an abrasive reclamation system that collects the used abrasive and transports it through to a separation system and removes the waste products while returning clean abrasive to the blast tank. A dust collector to keeps the environment clean and contaminant free.
Shot blasting is a cost effective way to prepare steel and some other materials prior to the application of a protective or decorative coating. We can remove any existing deteriorated coatings or remove iron oxide and heavy rust from most steelwork.
At MANCHESTER SHOT BLASTING a wide variety of work is undertaken in our 60ftx20ftx16ft blast room, using the finest abrasive mediums available.
birds eye view

We are able to undertake the blasting of many different items on your behalf including:
Commercial vehicles
Plant and Machinery
Car Restoration Projects
Access Equipment
Structural Steelwork
Gates & Railings
Boats and Canal Barges
Garden Furniture
Car Parts
Steam Engine Restoration
Boiler Restoration
Iron Castings
man shotblasting trailer
      Basically, if you can get it here we can shot blast  it !